December 29, 2018


Buffalo Pride 2018

The Buffalo Pride Parade and Festival was another huge success! I’m always amazed at how much these events grow each year. My heart was warmed by just how many people take part in these events, and the massive crowds that line the streets from the Albright Knox all the way to Allentown! This year however my heart exploded with joy when being approached by a mother and her young daughter. She had noticed me taking photos of some other groups of people, and asked if I could photograph her daughter. She was dressed in rainbow from head to toe, and a shirt expressing that “love is love”. I happily ran over to photograph the girl, and her mother explained that it was her very first pride! They were both excited for the parades start, but more so, I could feel the overwhelming, sense of support between them. To me this is what pride is all about! 

I am so honored to have the opportunity to capture this event for the second year in a row. Thank you so much to the Pride Center of Western New York, to everyone in attendance, and everyone who participated in this event.

Club Marcella Buffalo
Kameron Michaels
Spencer Ludwig