December 29, 2018


Jenn + Matt – The Maples – Ellicottville NY

Jenn and Matt had the most amazing wedding. It all took place on a vacation rental property in Ellicottville. With so many guests coming in from far away it was such a great idea to have a property like this. Not only did it have a home to stay in with enough room for family but the property also had a pond, hillsides, and a barn. The barn held the reception and it was truly amazing. The stables inside the barn left a unique space for cake cutting and guest books. It would be hard to pick my favorite part of the day. With the green hills Ellicottville has to offer it certainly gave me a lot to work with. I think overall I really enjoyed the intimacy that took place here. A property like this being placed about 30 minutes outside of town gave family a more intimate feel. There was no traffic going by, or onlookers sneaking a peak of the bride at your local park. It was Jenn and Matt alongside their beautiful family. This made it so special for me to be a part of.